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Wedding favor - Chinese Chopsticks with Silk Brocade Sleeve

chopsticks with Silk Brocade Sleeve
Assorted Colors
Chopsticks with Silk Brocade Sleeve
Chopsticks - assorted color
Retail Price : $2.00 each
Retail Price : $2.00 each
Bulk Purchase (Min 100 pcs) Price : $1.20
(Only Red Available Now)
Glass Chopsticks
Glass Chopstick
Retail Price : $12.00 each
Bulk Purchase (Min 30 pcs) Price : $5.00

Wedding Chopsticks

A stylish yet affordable chinese wedding favor give-away that you can give to all your guests. Friends and relative will like to save these souvenirs even after the wedding, they have a protective finish and are reusable. Chopsticks come with Silk brocade sleeve which give a touch of Chinese traditional style, yet an inexpensive wedding favors.

Glass Chopsticks are elegant souvenirs, considered by many as the perfect wedding gift that accentuates the elegance of the wedding occasion. It makes your wedding event remembered for a long time.


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